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Budapest travel deals

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Budapest Travel Deals Budapest sits on a tectonic plate fault line in Eastern Europe. While earthquakes seem inevitable, one advantage to the location is the proliferation of mineral water spas in the city. Here are a few highlights. The Gellert Spa Hotel is located in the center of Budapest on the eastern shore of the […]

A wee tour of scotland

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A Wee Tour of Scotland A Wee Tour of Scotland This year I decided to go on a short tour of Scotland, taking in both the Lowlands and the Highlands. Because I had a limited time to take in the attractions I decided to start on the West Coast of Scotland. I saw a few […]

A trip to africa with peace of mind

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A Trip to Africa With Peace of Mind A specialist trip like Africa demands the best from your travel insurance package. You will need a policy that suits your needs, whether that is just a single-trip plan or one that extends beyond your safari. The best deals on travel insurance are just a few clicks […]

Botswana – perfect country for safari adventures

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Botswana – Perfect Country for Safari Adventures If you are looking for an amazing African vacation try a Botswana Safari Holiday. The wildlife and landscape of this African country are simply awe inspiring. Watching wildlife safari on The Discovery Channel or on National Geographic is one thing, nice but ho hum. Seeing it with your […]