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Adventures to the end of the earth in christchurch, new zealand

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Adventures to the End of the Earth in Christchurch, New Zealand It may be at the end of the earth for many international travelers but in a lot of ways that’s part of the reason it’s so great. I can’t guarantee that you’ll run into pirates on your travels through Christchurch but I can assure […]

Antarctica cruise travel guide

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Antarctica Cruise Travel Guide Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in the world, and is the southernmost one. Generally speaking, Antarctica is the least traveled to continent in the world. Here at PureTravel, this in an incomprehensible statistic. Antarctica is like no other continent. It is the highest, windiest, and coldest continent, home to glaciers, […]

Buddhist tours in india

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Buddhist Tours in India The doctrine or philosophy declared by Buddha is known as Buddhism. It is not a religion or a system of faith or worship. Buddhism starts from the point of reasoning or understanding. It does not advocate any prescribed system of ritual a worship or sndupplication of deities or gods. It is […]

Asia, the best travel destination

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Asia, the Best Travel Destination If the time has come for your vacation or a holiday getaway, read this article before making your plans. There are many places of great beauty and interest to be seen in the USA and Europe. But, whether transportation, touring, theme park, or food and lodging, it is expensive. This […]

Best honeymoon spots

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Best Honeymoon Spots Honeymoon is one of the most precious time of a couple’s life and it is much awaited also. For every honeymoon couple choosing the best honeymoon places is a challenge in itself. In order to spice up the life one has to choose one of the best honeymoon spots depending on the  […]