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A return to koh chang

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A Return to Koh Chang For those of you living outside Thailand, Koh Chang is on the eastern coastline of Thailand, is in the province of Trat, and is the largest of all of the eastern islands. It is probably only in the last five or six years that the island has been attracting international […]

A journey through cambodia

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A Journey Through Cambodia Cambodia. Known as The Heart of Darkness, it is one of the most heavily land mined countries in the world. With its history of genocide and war, it is not the first place that people think of traveling to when planning a vacation. However Cambodia is a country that has a […]

A visit to japans hot springs

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A Visit to Japans Hot Springs WHAT comes to your mind when you think of Japan? Majestic Mount Fuji? The speeding bullet train? The megalopolis Tokyo? There is more to the land of the rising sun than those famous tourist attractions. Whether for medicinal purposes or for relaxation, millions annually visit onsens—the hot springs of […]

Amazing facts about israel and israel tourism

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Amazing Facts About Israel and Israel Tourism Not too many people realize or appreciate how amazing Israel and Israel Tourism are. Why do I combine the terms together? Let me use just a few facts and figures to explain my point, which literally speak volumes. Who would ever have imagined that a tiny country, against […]

Beautiful beaches

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Beautiful Beaches Beaches, the meeting between sea and land, they have an unique of mysterious nature. From there you can get your mind opened, that earth is very wide, beautiful, fun and spooky. Many words you can say about beaches. For your realize, many tourist come to countries, just to enjoy the beaches, feeling the […]