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Armenia wildlife in cyclopean and modern culture

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Armenia Wildlife in Cyclopean and Modern Culture   Lake Sevan Lake Sevan now is the largest sweat lake in Transcaucasus, but that’s not the only enticement bringing visitors of Armenia to dazzling cool blue waters and picturesque mountainsides. Its stunning landscape shaped by millions of years of volcanic eruptions veils remnants of antique monuments and undiscovered […]

Atop masada

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Atop Masada We approached through what  looked like a lunar landscape, with the traditional ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah lying off to our left. I looked up at the huge, ship-like mountain we were approaching and could make out the outlines  of  the northern palace terrace,  with some of  the ruins on the flat summit […]

Busch gardens tampa bay – a thrilling antidote to disney world

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay – a Thrilling Antidote to Disney World! Florida is well known for its diverse array of theme parks and attractions. Orlando in particular is a popular tourist spot with both Americans and overseas visitors, from the huge Walt Disney World resort to the marine delights of SeaWorld, Orlando’s amusement parks are […]

A tour of spain

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A tour of Spain A tour of Spain is not as simple as it looks. The itinerary has to be very well planned. Many tour operators are available to guide the tourist. However some tips are offered here so that one can plan his tour most effectively. Where do you want to spend your holiday? […]

A rich wood carving tradition in oaxaca, mexico: spotlight on jacobo

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A Rich Wood Carving Tradition in Oaxaca, Mexico: Spotlight on Jacobo ?ngeles Alvin Starkman  M.A., LL.B.   Try searching the Americas to find creators of folk art with more form, symbolism and importance to the development and sustenance of their culture, than those of indigenous ancestry in Oaxaca (wa–HAW–ka), one of the southernmost Mexican states. […]