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Bharatpur national park- the pilgrimage for bird enthusiasts

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Bharatpur National Park- The Pilgrimage for Bird Enthusiasts! “I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven”. By: Emily Dickinson Flaunting their bright colours and attractive figures, the beautiful birds inhabiting Bharatpur National Park attract tourists from across the globe. So get ready with your cap, sport shoes and a […]

Best safari places in africa

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Best Safari Places in Africa Generally, Africa is adorned by beautiful sites, great culture and very friendly people. Wherever you go as a tourist, you will enjoy the hospitality. There is as an African proverb that says that a visitor is like a river. He will not be around for long. Therefore do not be […]


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Anning I am about 30 minutes west of Kunming in a little town called Anning. It is the site of the worlds first hot spring. I am sitting next to this spring. This region around Kunming has many hot springs and rich mineral water from the thermal activity here.  This area is very popular with […]

Beaches of goa

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Beaches of Goa  The beaches of Goa with it’s spectacular beauty is enamored all over the world. The 125 km long Goan coastline is dotted with many beautiful beaches. It is the perfect destination for a romantic honeymoon or an ideal vacation. It is the firm favorite for the holidaymakers from across the world. Each […]

Attractions in canada

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Attractions in Canada Canada is one of the most beautiful places of the world. The place has some out of the world sights which are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The sceneries will totally captivate you and you would love to be their forever. The place is always crowded and bustling with tourists from all over the […]