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Art scene china – guiding local artists towards the global limelight

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Art Scene China – guiding local artists towards the global limelight In the year 1997 Art Scene China was launched as an online gallery to familiarize the masses in China and across the globe with the contemporary arts of China. Eventually when it became more popular, 3 physical galleries were established – 2 in Shanghai […]

African kenya water safari- best kenyan indian ocean sea tour trips and activities

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African Kenya Water Safari- Best Kenyan Indian Ocean Sea Tour Trips and Activities Deep sea fishing in Kenya Kenya’s coastal waters are gentle and warm fanned with mild monsoon winds, conditions that attract many varieties of fish, including Big Game Fish. The seas around Mombasa, Kenya’s major port, are considered one of the prime fishing […]

A new era of space travel is on the horizon

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A New Era of Space Travel is on the Horizon Data from public opinion polls indicate that nearly fifty million people would like to visit space. In fact as many as two million people each year would take the journey beyond the outer limits of Earth’s gravity. The public’s fascination with space travel means the […]

Australian gold coast offers more than just the surfers a paradise

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Australian Gold Coast Offers More Than Just the Surfers a Paradise There is no puzzle as to why Surfers Paradise, which is part of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia is such a popular holiday destination. After all, it is the entertainment and glam capital of the island that is ‘Down Under’, and epitomizes that […]