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Antigua holidays

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Antigua Holidays What do you think about when someone mentions the Caribbean? Numberous of tourist come to the Caribbean and vacation. Plenty has been written about the attractiveness of the Islands. It’s well known Antigua, Barbardos, and even Cuba are the Worlds hottest vacation hangouts. Antigua hotels, boasting an equality all of thier own. Located […]

Africa tourist info

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Africa Tourist Info If the idea of speeding over the ocean attached to a huge kite – half flying, half surfing – appeals to the adrenalin junkie in you, then kite surfing is just what the doctor ordered. Kite surfing, a dynamic blend of surfing, wakeboarding and power kiting is one of the most extreme […]

Babuyan islands: the philippines northern paradise

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Babuyan Islands: the Philippines Northern Paradise Like all adventure journeys, our Babuyan island quest has never been that easy. About fourteen hours land trip from Manila to Aparri and four hours boat ride to Camiguin Island. But admit it. There are adventures of the mind just as there are adventures of the body, and summer […]

Best of orlando's travel tips: don't leave orlando without going to these places

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Best of Orlando's Travel Tips: Don't Leave Orlando without Going to these Places Orlando is home to various tourist spots including enchanting theme parks, fabulous resorts, and famous restaurants known all over the world. If you and your family are thinking of going to this city, which is the third most visited in the United […]

A different vacation idea – whale watching in alaska

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A Different Vacation Idea – Whale Watching In Alaska Do your vacations seem a bit like the same old same old? Like to try something new that would actually be interesting and unique? Thinking out of the box on vacation ideas really isn’t that hard if you put your mind to it. For instance, you […]