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Between realism and fiction , dege – western kham

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Between Realism and Fiction , Dege – Western Kham Dege, Western Kham, Border with Tibet Long before the sun rises we are up. Behind the mountains it begins to dawn, we are engulfed by the beauty of the morning. The night had been noisy, with Tibetan lemurs rummaging overhead in the double wooden ceiling, sleeping […]

Blue” -the pub that rocks

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“Blue” -The Pub That Rocks Blues has an easy, mellow feel. It is run by Vikram Rajkhowa and brother Sanjay and Varun Das. It offers the perfect blend of both the world’s : the relaxed pub and high spirit of the night club. Painted in red and sea blue it is just the perfect to […]

Bangkok red light districts – practical guide on avoiding getting ripped off in a go go bar

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Bangkok Red Light Districts – Practical Guide on Avoiding Getting Ripped Off in a Go Go Bar Bangkok’s red light districts can be a whole lot of fun. The loud blaring music, the cheap booze and oh yes hordes of bar girls is a simple formula for a night to remember. But Bangkok’s nightlife adult […]

Beauty calls

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BEAUTY Calls! – A Travel to Deserts in INDIA Visiting places is in our blood – we all enjoy it. Be it the next stop light tiny plaza or Eiffel Tower, the basic goal of having a good time amidst this hectic life is well served. I wonder when pre-humans or humans constantly traveled places […]