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Best reasons to holiday at a desert resort

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5 Best Reasons to Holiday at a Desert Resort Swaying palm trees, sugary sands and crystal blue water. Forested hills and sundrenched valleys. A horizon of sparkling skyscrapers and cultural treasures. Most people envision holidays at the beach, in the mountains, or a sophisticated and international metropolis. While these are, of course, well-beloved options for […]

A background to scuba diving and one of the leading diving destinations – grand bahama island

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A Background to Scuba Diving and One of the Leading Diving Destinations – Grand Bahama Island One of the fastest growing of all water sports in the world today appears to be scuba diving. The corresponding growth in increased and easier to use transportation links now makes the more obscure and hard to get to […]

Blue ridge mountain resort

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Blue Ridge Mountain Resort No one can deny that the mountains are really the most ideal vacation spots for most people whose idea of relaxation is a quiet time away from the busy city in a beautiful and scenic place close to Mother Nature. Not only because spots like these are calming, but also because […]

A quick glance on the best luxury trains in india

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A Quick Glance on the Best Luxury Trains in India Luxury trains are convenient, comfortable and hassle-free mode of journey especially in a country like India where one finds oneself often at a loss of choice owing to India’s mind-boggling diversity. Besides, if you wish to feast on the beauty of the land and mix […]