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Balaklava and its reputation as a scuba divers paradise

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Balaklava and Its Reputation as a Scuba Divers Paradise Crimea an autonomous republic is re-inventing itself after the ending of the old soviet union. Private enterprise is flourishing and well-stocked shops and good restaurants are the norm. Transport and accommodation are cheaper than the Mediterranean resorts but the weather is better and the sightseeing amazing! […]

Anjuna beach attractions

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Anjuna Beach Attractions Hemmed by azure water of Arabian sea and with a hill in the background, Anjuna Beach is a paradise for vacationing in India. Lies 8km west of Mapusa town and 18 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa, this beach chock-a-blocks with holidaymakers throughout the year, especially during the occasion of Christmas […]

A fort that has seen many battles in doha

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A Fort That Has Seen Many Battles in Doha The Doha Fort has been a silent witness to the checkered history of the Middle East since its construction in the 1880’s. Some of the fiercest battles fought against the Ottomans centered on this fort. Therefore, it is not secret that many heroes were made within […]

Beautiful hearth of europe – slovakia – a little big country

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Beautiful Hearth of Europe – Slovakia – a Little Big Country In a world, where urban development is unstoppable, there is country, a country where time seems to have stopped. A country where old fairytales seems to have survived adversity of time. Slovakia – little big country in the hearth of Europe. Full of myths, […]

Bihu dance festival: energizing your north east india trip

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Bihu Dance Festival: Energizing Your North East India Trip When it comes to the National Festivals of Assam, Bihus top the chart. Celebrated in the months of January, April and October – the Bihu festivals are known as Bohaag Bihu (Rangali Bihu), Maagh Bihu (Bhogali Bihu) and Kaati Bihu (Kongaali Bihu). The most important of […]