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Alexandria: ancient treasure vs

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Alexandria: Ancient Treasure Vs. Modern Tourism Destination Let’s start with the fact that Alexandria is the “home town” for one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World. I’m talking about the Alexandrian lighthouse. Even though this lighthouse is not fitting into the modern standards, it used to be great equipment back in time. They […]

A must visit

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the harbour view hong kong – A must visit So you’ve always heard about HK, but never visited it, or are some what pessimistic as to what you may do in Chinese town. What’s the food going to be like, the people, the culture, the temperature and most important of all what the heck will […]

African wildlife photographer – 7 reasons why it could be you

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African Wildlife Photographer – 7 Reasons Why It Could Be You! If you’re anything like me you see an African wildlife photographer on the TV and you wish it could be you. Out there in the bush with lions, elephant, cheetah, rhino, hippo. The amazing, evocative sights and sounds. Well what if it could be […]

Amsterdam – astonishing place for honeymoon

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Amsterdam – Astonishing Place For Honeymoon The Amsterdam is one of the best cities throughout the world. It is in fact the capital of Holland as well as the largest city of Netherlands. You should know that the Netherland is the other name for Holland.  You can accept as true that 7 out of the […]

A celebration of art, theatre and music at the one and only london bridge festival

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A Celebration of Art, Theatre and Music at the One and Only London Bridge Festival Often dubbed “Edinburgh Fringe in the center of London”, the London Bridge Festival is a cultural festival of great scale and significance. Held from the 10th of July to the 25th, this two week performing arts and entertainment festival comprises […]