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Best value for diving where the three seas meet

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Best Value for Diving Where the Three Seas Meet As a diver, I am always looking for a perfect place to dive, but doesn’t burn a hole in my pockets as well. I want a good place with good facilities, comfortable accommodation, good weather, good scenery and good food plus good security. You know where […]

Backpacking inspiration: 6 weeks south east asia, bangkok to singapore overland

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Backpacking Inspiration: 6 weeks South East Asia, Bangkok to Singapore overland One of the most popular destinations for independent travellers and backpackers, South East Asia has stunning Buddhist temples, dense jungles, bustling markets, exquisite cuisine and exotic culture. As one of the most affordable regions of the world in which to travel independently, you can […]

A land yacht is perfect for individuals who have a love for speed

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A Land Yacht is Perfect for Individuals Who Have a Love for Speed For the person who wants to relax with the wind blowing in their face there are some interesting traveling options available. These options will include traveling by land yacht. These yachts are perfect for individuals who have a love of speed. While […]

Anaheim, california – the glorious home of disneyland

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Anaheim, California – the Glorious Home of Disneyland! The Californian city of Anaheim celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. Situated in Orange County, 28 miles southwest of Los Angeles, Anaheim is home to the world famous Disneyland, as well as the reigning Ice Hockey champions the Mighty Ducks and Major League’s 2002 World Series winners, […]

Burleigh heads- new tourist attraction on the gold coast

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Burleigh Heads- New tourist attraction on the Gold Coast Burleigh Heads is one of the most picturesque coastal suburbs on the Gold Coast. It is a beautiful costal land located between Surfers paradise and Coolangatta. The main tourist attractions of Burleigh Heads are the National Park situated right on the beach, David Fleay’s Wildlife Park […]