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A guide to diamond head

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A Guide To Diamond Head Diamond Head is a name given to the volcanic tuff cone, now dormant since ages on the Hawaiian Islands in Oahu. It is located at the southeast end of the Waikiki and overlooks the Pacific. It was named Laeahi by the Hawaiians, but later in the early 19th century, British […]

Agra city guide

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Agra City Guide About Agra Agra, famous for the Taj Mahal one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna. It is surrounded by Mathura the birth place of Lord Krishna, Dhaulpur,  Firozabad and the famous Bharatpur wild life sanctuary. Agra is known for its magnificent mughal […]

Ayers rock adventure

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Ayers Rock Adventure Ayers rock is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, having been slowly sculpted over the last 55 million years. Ayers rock is 986ft high and is made entirely from sandstone, but the visible rock is in fact just a small part of a rock that sinks almost 2500ft into […]

Caladesi island – a little bit of paradise

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Caladesi Island – a Little Bit of Paradise Whoever said there was no unspoiled beauty left in Florida has never been to Caladesi Island State Park. This diamond in the rough is one of the few remaining examples of a secluded island paradise. Four miles of undeveloped white sand beach and dunes line this island […]

Best bangkok girl friendly hotels 2010

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Best Bangkok Girl Friendly Hotels 2010 Thinking about visiting Bangkok’s wild and naughtly nightlife? Well you are not alone. Every year millions of visitors (mostly men) travel to Bangkok in search of a great time in go go bars and for most parts fulfilling their wildest sexual fantasies. But before you book that flight it […]