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A phoenix rises from the ashes: atlanta travel information

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A Phoenix Rises From the Ashes: Atlanta Travel Information o gain a full understanding of America’s struggle through infancy and keeping the threads of the nation together during the Civil War, Atlanta is a mandatory travel destination. The entire city was at one point or another an actual battleground for many pivotal moments during the […]

Best beach locations

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Best Beach Locations It really doen’t matter what time of year it is where you live. Tropical beach vacations usually are fun and relaxing even if it’s snowing whrer you live.  Topical is tropical and the sun usually shines most days.  Around the globe, there are many beaches to choose from.  The different beaches may […]

Ajanta cave paintings and carvings: buddhist art

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Ajanta Cave Paintings and Carvings: Buddhist Art The caves of AJANTA are one of the greatest monuments of the world. Being ancient, this place is recognized as historical monument by UNESCO. Visit to these caves would be a memorable experience for any person coming form any place of the world. It is believed that the Buddha devotees and […]

African photographic safaris

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African Photographic Safaris If you have a passion for nature and photography and want to get the best of both worlds you should definitely go on an African photographic safari. Have you ever felt that you have missed great opportunities to take great memorable wildlife shots? I bet you it’s not such a great feeling. […]