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Adventure tours kalimantan forest | indonesia adventure tours

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Adventure Tours Kalimantan Forest | Indonesia Adventure Tours More Info www.gtbtours.net Kayan Jungle Adventure 5 Days Tour Code : GTB / JA / 01 Participant : Minimum 2 Person Departure : Daily Price : will send upon request ! Day 01. ARRIVAL IN PALANGKARAYA (D) Upon your arrival by morning flight at Cilik Riwut Airport […]

Adventure in kaieteur falls

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Adventure in Kaieteur Falls Kaieteur Falls in Guyana, small country in South America is one of the most majestic spots on Earth. It also sports one other significant advantage – not many people have heard of Kaieteur Falls. Make Kaieteur Falls your next vacation spot and you will not only travel to see one of […]

A trip to belize – travel tips

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A Trip to Belize – Travel Tips! By Cody Key Belize(ISLAND VACATION RENTALS), as a travel destination is no longer the ‘best kept secret’ in the tourism sector. Compared to other destinations Belize(ISLAND VACATION RENTALS) is still a tropical wonderland; Mother Nature herself has crafted this land of contrasts. Belize(ISLAND VACATION RENTALS) has captured the […]

A look at siem reap, cambodia

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A look at Siem Reap, Cambodia Crossing Bridges had been in its fifth establishment. Was held in Siem Reap, Cambodia, it really impressed each participant. Four tooearly mornings, six days capturing, five nights reviewing; they were all magnificent. As it is well-known, Cambodia is exotic. Keeping her magical beauty behind the shadiness of her jungles, […]

Ayahuasca mestizo shaman javier arevalo in the amazon rainforest – part 2

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Ayahuasca Mestizo Shaman Javier Arevalo in the Amazon Rainforest – Part 2 In the second part of the interview with Javier, we continue to explore the use of Healing plants and Ayahuasca. discusses his involvement with the shamanic Plant medicines of the Amazon, and Ayahuasca in particular. Javier was interviewed by Howard G Charing and […]