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Benissa – a treat for those who love nature

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Benissa – a treat for those who love nature If you love to live with nature, and spend your holidays in the midst of beautiful mountains, waterfalls, valley on the one side and a beautiful coast line on the other, there is no alternative to Benissa. This beautiful little town to the north of Alicante […]

Bangkok’s red light districts – the cheap man’s guide

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Bangkok’s Red Light Districts – The Cheap Man’s Guide With the economy going down the drain, any man… a cheap man that is, can still enjoy a holiday in any of Bangkok’s red light districts. First off you have to know when to go, where to stay, drink and most importantly find company. The best time […]

Buddhist monasteries in india

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Buddhist Monasteries in India India is a known buddhist destination. There are number of monasteries and gompas in India that follow and preach Buddhism. Some of them are mentioned below. Ajanta and Ellora Caves : Located 107 kms away from Aurangabad, Ajanta and Ellora caves are rock cut caves offering panoramic view and Buddhist architecture, […]

A ride on the train at the end of the world in argentina

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A Ride on the Train at the End of the World in Argentina Take a rail journey, on the world’s narrowest-gauge tracks, which commences in the world’s southern-most city; threads its way through spectacular, national park scenery, amid blinding, white, horizontal, end-of-the-world-characteristic snow; and traces its history to a penitentiary, which had been purposefully built […]

Brazil's hidden secret, buzios

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Brazil's Hidden Secret, Buzios The little town of Buzios is just two hours north of Rio de Janeiro on some of Brazil’s most premier coastline. Buzios is a peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic, and forms many beaches, some of which have terrific surfing, while others have calm and sheltered waters. Some of the […]