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A birdwatching caribbean cruise is the ideal way to still enjoy your passion

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A Birdwatching Caribbean Cruise is the Ideal Way to Still Enjoy Your Passion If you are an avid bird watcher and decide to take a Caribbean cruise, then you can enjoy two pleasures at the same time. This is because not only are there many types of bird species for you to see in the […]

Antigua holidays

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Antigua Holidays What do you think about when someone mentions the Caribbean? Numberous of tourist come to the Caribbean and vacation. Plenty has been written about the attractiveness of the Islands. It’s well known Antigua, Barbardos, and even Cuba are the Worlds hottest vacation hangouts. Antigua hotels, boasting an equality all of thier own. Located […]

Bricktown, oklahoma city

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Bricktown, Oklahoma City Bricktown, Oklahoma City is an entertainment district in downtown Oklahoma that offers plenty of attractions and activities to make the casual visitor stay on. Key points of reference in the district are the AT&T Bricktown Ballpark and the Bricktown Canal. Once a warehouse district, the renovated Bricktown is known for its restaurants, […]

Black sea – an important place in history and exiting place to visit now

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Black Sea – an Important Place in History and Exiting Place to Visit Now The Black Sea region is like a good classical music composition, it has a framework consisting of spectacular shorelines and mountain ranges, it contains marine life forms from the oldest found on earth to the most intelligent lifeform ever found. You […]

Bangkok red light districts – practical guide on avoiding getting ripped off in a go go bar

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Bangkok Red Light Districts – Practical Guide on Avoiding Getting Ripped Off in a Go Go Bar Bangkok’s red light districts can be a whole lot of fun. The loud blaring music, the cheap booze and oh yes hordes of bar girls is a simple formula for a night to remember. But Bangkok’s nightlife adult […]