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Andaman tours

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Andaman Tours Andaman and nicobar islands has many tourist spots and it’s a nature lovers paradise.. Andaman is an excellent place to see islands and beaches. It has also many historic monuments and ancient ruined islands. But many people usually think that it has only islands and beaches. Many are unaware of the fact that […]

Bali's blossoming north

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Bali's Blossoming North Bali, Indonesia is a destination known throughout the world for its sandy beaches, verdant landscape and ancient temples. As they disembark at Ngurah Rai International Airport near Kuta on their arrival in Bali, most tourists won’t ever leave the southern regions of the island for the duration of their stay. While it is true […]

A fort that has seen many battles in doha

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A Fort That Has Seen Many Battles in Doha The Doha Fort has been a silent witness to the checkered history of the Middle East since its construction in the 1880’s. Some of the fiercest battles fought against the Ottomans centered on this fort. Therefore, it is not secret that many heroes were made within […]

Bansko – bulgaria, a ski resort with so much more to offer than skiing

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Bansko – Bulgaria, a Ski Resort With so Much More to Offer Than Skiing. History and Future Meets Here Bansko, is the number one ski resort in Bulgaria, while being much more than just another ski resort. Bansko ski resort has more to offer than just skiing or sitting in lodge by the fireplace watching […]

Best tourist destinations in italy

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Best tourist destinations in Italy Vacation in Italy is a dream for many travel freak people around the world. It is one of the best tourist destination in Italy. Among many Italy attractions the different Italian cities deserve special mention. Great restaurants, museums and fabulous hotels enhance the beauty of the cities. One can explore […]