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Best honeymoon destinations in kerala

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Best Honeymoon Destinations In Kerala Gods’ own country also known as Kerala is primarily located on the southwestern tip of India with the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats towering 500 – 2700 m on the east. The state is divided into three regions- the coastal lowlands, the fertile midlands and the […]

Buy buy dubai

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Buy Buy Dubai from wheredaily.com Looking more, at times, like a film set dreamed up by Stephen Spielberg or George Lucas than a modern city on the sands of the Persian Gulf, Dubai begs to be noticed. And succeeds. Where Egypt built its monuments to the dead, Dubai raises its towers — each bigger, broader […]

Accommodation in malaysia; how to select the best one

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Accommodation in Malaysia; How to Select the Best One! Malaysia is situated on the south west part of Asia. The land has a magnificent landscape with dense jungles, exotic flora and fauna, tropical rainforests and the high soaring peaks attracts the leisurely tourists very much. The country has ethnic and cultural diversity. Malaysian population is […]