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Art and culture of abyane, a village visiting in iran tour

Автор: admin, 14 Apr 2012. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

Art and Culture of Abyane, A Village visiting in iran tour Abyane, a combination of art and traditions The province of Isfahan, in central Iran has a history stretching back thousands of years. There are lots of world-famous historical sites in every corner, attracting numerous Iranian and foreign tourists year-round. Perhaps one of most famous […]

Babuyan islands: the philippines northern paradise

Автор: admin, 21 Nov 2011. Рубрика: B • Метки: , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

Babuyan Islands: the Philippines Northern Paradise Like all adventure journeys, our Babuyan island quest has never been that easy. About fourteen hours land trip from Manila to Aparri and four hours boat ride to Camiguin Island. But admit it. There are adventures of the mind just as there are adventures of the body, and summer […]

A short guide to costa rica retirement and relocation

Автор: admin, 18 Aug 2011. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

A Short Guide to Costa Rica Retirement and Relocation The U.S. economy is continuing its freefall, and the quality of life for millions of people is being threatened by a financial climate heading toward even riskier terrain.  Cost of living is rising, retirement savings is declining, and the expected payoff for many homeowners has been […]

Atop masada

Автор: admin, 28 Feb 2008. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

Atop Masada We approached through what  looked like a lunar landscape, with the traditional ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah lying off to our left. I looked up at the huge, ship-like mountain we were approaching and could make out the outlines  of  the northern palace terrace,  with some of  the ruins on the flat summit […]

A tour of spain

Автор: admin, 21 Feb 2008. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

A tour of Spain A tour of Spain is not as simple as it looks. The itinerary has to be very well planned. Many tour operators are available to guide the tourist. However some tips are offered here so that one can plan his tour most effectively. Where do you want to spend your holiday? […]