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Amazon rainforest animals facts and tips

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Amazon Rainforest Animals Facts And Tips It is for your pet guinea pig can offer a wide range of housing. Box “or” box “or guinea pig cage for pet Guinea pigs can be on your space constraints and taking into account. It is possible to prepare, all you want, but despite the fact that each […]

All inclusive bahama vacation packages — points to consider

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All Inclusive Bahama Vacation Packages — Points to Consider All inclusive Bahama vacation packages are readily available. There are many packages to consider because the Bahamas are really a top vacation destination. The islands have it all. We’re not just talking about clean, white sand beaches and sparkling blue waters. The Bahamas is also a […]

A short guide to costa rica retirement and relocation

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A Short Guide to Costa Rica Retirement and Relocation The U.S. economy is continuing its freefall, and the quality of life for millions of people is being threatened by a financial climate heading toward even riskier terrain.  Cost of living is rising, retirement savings is declining, and the expected payoff for many homeowners has been […]

A company outing to kanchanaburi, thailand

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A Company Outing to Kanchanaburi, Thailand One of the more interesting aspects of business life in Thailand is the annual or biannual company outing. Officially, the event is an extension of the office, but in a more relaxed atmosphere. The reality though is that there is normally one official company meeting where the directors or […]

A return to koh chang

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A Return to Koh Chang For those of you living outside Thailand, Koh Chang is on the eastern coastline of Thailand, is in the province of Trat, and is the largest of all of the eastern islands. It is probably only in the last five or six years that the island has been attracting international […]