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A different vacation idea – whale watching in alaska

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A Different Vacation Idea – Whale Watching In Alaska Do your vacations seem a bit like the same old same old? Like to try something new that would actually be interesting and unique? Thinking out of the box on vacation ideas really isn’t that hard if you put your mind to it. For instance, you […]

Are you a civil war buff

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Are you a Civil War Buff? Why not Experience Historic Georgia? If you’re thinking of taking a vacation in the Deep South, Georgia might not be at the top of your list. After all, Florida offers stunning beaches and sweltering weather, Louisiana boasts an eclectic cultural heritage and Tennessee is home to Nashville – the […]

African elephant – travel kenya – kenya africas’ safari destination

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African Elephant – Travel Kenya – Kenya Africas’ Safari Destination African Elephant<P>Loxodonta africana and Africana cyclotis<P> The elephant is largest land mammal on earth today and is Africa’s King of beasts. There are two species of African Elephant i.e. African savanna elephant, <I>(Loxodonta africana)</I> and the African forest elephant<I>(Africana cyclotis)</I>The male weighs about 5000-6000 kg […]

A whale of a trip – kayak the san juan islands

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A Whale of a Trip – Kayak the San Juan Islands Deep within the Puget Sound, between Seattle and Vancouver, right next to Victoria, lays a rural archipelago known as the San Juan Islands. Technically associated with Washington State, these islands actually straddle the Washington-British Columbia border, and include several hundred islands, reefs, and rocks. […]

Ayahuasca mestizo shaman javier arevalo in the amazon rainforest – part 2

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Ayahuasca Mestizo Shaman Javier Arevalo in the Amazon Rainforest – Part 2 In the second part of the interview with Javier, we continue to explore the use of Healing plants and Ayahuasca. discusses his involvement with the shamanic Plant medicines of the Amazon, and Ayahuasca in particular. Javier was interviewed by Howard G Charing and […]