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Air jamaica vacations

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Air Jamaica Vacations Jamaica is the finest island and tourist destination in West Indies. The island is filled with mouth watering food, pleasing to the ear music, white sandy beaches The history and culture of this island has an almost hypnotic affect on its visitors. Air Jamaica Vacations offer the perfect opportunity of turning your […]

Caliente caribe: the swaying coconut trees along the glistening beaches

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Caliente Caribe: The Swaying Coconut Trees Along The Glistening Beaches The name Caliente Caribe when translated in English would mean: “hot Caribbean”. The name is quite a suggestive one when one looks at the type of the facilities that are given in this resort. One of the primary features is the facility of clothing being […]

Belize – retire in paradise

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Belize – Retire in Paradise! By Harold Moran In the tourism industry there are few secrets that people don’t know about – Belize(BEACH VACATION RENTALS) isn’t one of them. Compared to other destinations Belize(BEACH VACATION RENTALS) is still a tropical wonderland; Mother Nature herself has crafted this land of contrasts. All manner of people have […]

An exotic island stay in tropical north queensland

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An Exotic Island Stay in Tropical North Queensland The Tropical North Queensland area of Australia is perhaps one of the most incredible regions in the entire world.  Included in the Tropical North Queensland region are Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef and this sector offers some of the most incredible and extravagant island experiences that […]

Beauty in blue – lakshadweep

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Beauty in Blue – Lakshadweep Beauty in Blue – Lakshadweep The exotic island of Indian Ocean beckons you to Lakshdweep. Strewn on the clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea, off the western coast of India, Lakshdweep is a group of coral islands of unparalleled beauty. The soft and silky beaches, the flora and fauna, […]