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Amazon rainforest animals facts and tips

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Amazon Rainforest Animals Facts And Tips It is for your pet guinea pig can offer a wide range of housing. Box “or” box “or guinea pig cage for pet Guinea pigs can be on your space constraints and taking into account. It is possible to prepare, all you want, but despite the fact that each […]

A silk road trip, or i gobbed in the gobi, china,1992, by philip spires

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A Silk Road Trip, or I Gobbed in the Gobi, China,1992, by Philip Spires In August 1992, myself and my wife, Caroline, arranged a trip to post-Tiananmen China. It was in the days when the London China Travel office was on Cambridge Circus, opposite the Palace Theatre on Charing Cross Road. It took me at […]

A ride on the train at the end of the world in argentina

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A Ride on the Train at the End of the World in Argentina Take a rail journey, on the world’s narrowest-gauge tracks, which commences in the world’s southern-most city; threads its way through spectacular, national park scenery, amid blinding, white, horizontal, end-of-the-world-characteristic snow; and traces its history to a penitentiary, which had been purposefully built […]

Boardroom in the bush: great safari experiences in kenya

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Boardroom in the Bush: Great Safari Experiences in Kenya The regional heads workshop cum retreat was slated for Kenya this time round. This prestigious annual affair is a meticulously planned, highly stressful, cannot-afford-to-blunder event, that is the pride and bane of whichever country director is playing host. After years of being organized in great cities […]

Adventure of trekking in sikkim

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Adventure of TRekking in Sikkim Fast Facts: State: Sikkim in the northeastern part of the country Best time to travel: Mid February to May, Mid September to December Weather Conditions: Too cold in Winters but pleasant in winters Locations: Sikkim trekking starts from 133 kilometers from Siliguri in West Bengal and 125 kilometers from Gangtok […]