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Abu simbel

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Abu Simbel Abu Simbel The stretch of the Nile Valley that runs from Aswan, past the great Philae Temple dedicated to the goddess Isis, which was dismantled and reconstructed on Agilikia Island before its former site,Philae Island, was flooded when the old dam was constructed, onwards past the Aswan Dam and the huge manmade lake, Lake Nasser, comes to a halt […]

Best location for honeymooners

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Best location For Honeymooners The Holiday Inn and outpost Aguada sandy seashore vacation resort in Goa and inn Honeymoon Inn Shimla. in addition to, honeymooners can furthermore relish their time in the numerous luxury inns in Shimla, Ooty, Darjeeling, Kodaikanal and other ones high ground stations. All this position of stay are well furnished with […]

A caribbean adventure with an east indian culture twist

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A Caribbean Adventure with an East Indian Culture Twist You don’t have to fly half way around the world to experience East Indian culture, or enjoy its mysteries. That’s right! Just escape to the Caribbean for some fun, sun, and sandy beaches and you can also discover a vibrant enclave of authentic Indian culture. And […]

Buddhist tours in india

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Buddhist Tours in India The doctrine or philosophy declared by Buddha is known as Buddhism. It is not a religion or a system of faith or worship. Buddhism starts from the point of reasoning or understanding. It does not advocate any prescribed system of ritual a worship or sndupplication of deities or gods. It is […]

Bali: paradise in indonesia

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Bali: Paradise in Indonesia Bali island is a part of Indonesian archipelago. Located just east of the island of Java, it has long been the primary focus of Indonesia’s flourishing tourist industry. Bali is one of the province in Indonesia, divided into nine region from west to east, they are Jembrana, Tabanan, Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, […]