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A silk road trip, or i gobbed in the gobi, china,1992, by philip spires

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A Silk Road Trip, or I Gobbed in the Gobi, China,1992, by Philip Spires In August 1992, myself and my wife, Caroline, arranged a trip to post-Tiananmen China. It was in the days when the London China Travel office was on Cambridge Circus, opposite the Palace Theatre on Charing Cross Road. It took me at […]

Baku – azerbaijan, a conservative city with the mix of old and new facing the tourist in a facinating blend

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Baku – Azerbaijan, a Conservative City With the Mix of Old and New Facing the Tourist in a Facinating Blend The city of Baku is the capital city of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Baku is, located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea at the tip of Azerbaijan. Petroleum is Baku’s main economic resource […]

Belize – a place where nature rules

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Belize – a Place Where Nature Rules! If you’ve heard of Belize, most probably the description would have been about its breathtaking natural beauty. This small nation Belize, which is just 180 miles long and around 68 miles wide, has abundant natural beauty that can be noticed in its every nook and corner. In fact, […]

Caliente caribe – the crib of features rolling in untold pleasures

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Caliente Caribe – The crib of features rolling in untold pleasures There have many resorts in the world that have never ceased to amaze the human soul with their wonderful features. But none of them have been successful to the level that has been attained by the Caliente Caribe. This resort is perhaps, the ultimate […]

Antarctica cruise travel guide

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Antarctica Cruise Travel Guide Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in the world, and is the southernmost one. Generally speaking, Antarctica is the least traveled to continent in the world. Here at PureTravel, this in an incomprehensible statistic. Antarctica is like no other continent. It is the highest, windiest, and coldest continent, home to glaciers, […]