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Beijing I arrived in Beijing and the first thing that comes to mind is……B I G! This is one large city. 6500 sq. miles with 12 million people packed inside. It took an hour to go by taxi from the airport. The fare was 120Y ($15). By the way a word of advice if you […]

Belize – cultural melting pot

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Belize – Cultural Melting Pot The word “Belize” brings to mind the images of unbelievably clear turquoise waters with fabulous beaches, lush green jungles, along with the breathtaking Mayan ruins. But this small nation is also proud of its diverse culture. Here one can find a unique mixture of influences of various cultures and people […]

Booking a luxury safari in kenya needn’t be a wild experience

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Booking a Luxury Safari in Kenya Needn’t be a Wild Experience As the sun sets over the horizon and the sound of nature starts to populate the warm night air, surely there can’t be many ‘once in a lifetime’ holidays much greater than a luxury safari in Kenya? Once a domain for the super rich […]