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Backpacking in china

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Backpacking in China Travel through China as a backpacker is certainly not without its challenges though, and purchasing travel insurance before you set out will ensure you have peace of mind while making your way through the countryside. You’ll want to try and reach some out-of-the-way destinations and not just stick to the major cities, […]

A marvelous getaway to malta or marrakech

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A Marvelous Getaway To Malta Or Marrakech In the mood to really get away but don’t want to spend all day in an airplane? Why not head to Malta or Marrakech – each under 4 hours from London by plane and each with a unique delicious foreign flavour. If you’re a beach person, definitely go […]

Best beach for beachcombing in bali

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Best Beach for Beachcombing in Bali Virtually all visitors to Bali spend some time at the beach — wandering along baking strips of sand watching bathers, surfers and sun worshippers, or even lying prone absorbing the sun’s uv rays. Few visitors, however, appreciate the natural interest that is all around them as they stroll toward […]

Ayahuasca mestizo shaman javier arevalo in the amazon rainforest – part 2

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Ayahuasca Mestizo Shaman Javier Arevalo in the Amazon Rainforest – Part 2 In the second part of the interview with Javier, we continue to explore the use of Healing plants and Ayahuasca. discusses his involvement with the shamanic Plant medicines of the Amazon, and Ayahuasca in particular. Javier was interviewed by Howard G Charing and […]

A secret maui hike – the olivine pools

Автор: admin, 10 Mar 2009. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

A Secret Maui Hike – the Olivine Pools The Olivine Pools I’ve been around. As awe-inspiring a site as any that I’ve seen in all my travels, is a place called the Olivine Pools. Located on the west coast of  Maui, these naturally formed pools bubble up from a strong stormy sea. It is a […]