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Africa tourist info

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Africa Tourist Info If the idea of speeding over the ocean attached to a huge kite – half flying, half surfing – appeals to the adrenalin junkie in you, then kite surfing is just what the doctor ordered. Kite surfing, a dynamic blend of surfing, wakeboarding and power kiting is one of the most extreme […]

Beauty calls

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BEAUTY Calls! – A Travel to Deserts in INDIA Visiting places is in our blood – we all enjoy it. Be it the next stop light tiny plaza or Eiffel Tower, the basic goal of having a good time amidst this hectic life is well served. I wonder when pre-humans or humans constantly traveled places […]

Attractions in canada

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Attractions in Canada Canada is one of the most beautiful places of the world. The place has some out of the world sights which are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The sceneries will totally captivate you and you would love to be their forever. The place is always crowded and bustling with tourists from all over the […]

Best thailand beaches, where to go

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Best Thailand Beaches, Where To Go Best beaches to visit in Thailand as recommended by www.MyThailandHome.com Ko Samui  – Ko Samui is very well known and the two best known beaches there are Chaweng and Lamae  But there is a more secluded beach known as Silver Beach, better known by its official name, Tong Takien.  […]

Attractions in chile

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Attractions in Chile Chile is a long belt in South America with rich culture and history. Chile is the third largest country to export copper and fifth largest country to export wine; these exports have been giving large impact in making country’s economy boost. But just exporting different items is not all about Chiles; it […]