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Borthwick castle – hotel and wedding venue in scotland

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Borthwick Castle – Hotel and Wedding Venue in Scotland Borthwick Castle was built in 1430 by Lord Borthwick. The castle was built as a stronghold, designed to withstand invaders, and also as a base from with offensive strikes could be launched when needed. When the castle was first built it had a portcullis, moat and […]

A seven mile beach hotel

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A Seven Mile Beach Hotel? The Palms Resort Is Better If you are looking for something special among the hotels in Negril that can make your holiday in Jamaica really unique, then The Palms Resort is just what you need.  You only need a straw hat, bathing suit, tropical shirt and flip-flops and you’ll be […]

A wonder of africa: the benguerra island

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A wonder of Africa: the Benguerra island On the African coast of the Indian Ocean, just across the lush island of Madagascar, there is a beauty land and is the only tragedy of its history: Mozambique. The signing of a peace treaty in 1992 , and subsequent election of 1994 finally marked the beginning of […]

Beauty calls

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BEAUTY Calls! – A Travel to Deserts in INDIA Visiting places is in our blood – we all enjoy it. Be it the next stop light tiny plaza or Eiffel Tower, the basic goal of having a good time amidst this hectic life is well served. I wonder when pre-humans or humans constantly traveled places […]

African safaris – take an african safari holiday for the ultimate holiday experience

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African Safaris – Take An African Safari Holiday For The Ultimate Holiday Experience Forget Disney Land, it’s an African safari that holds the real magic. Few destinations can compete with an African safari, both for the kind of experience it has to offer and for its unsurpassed uniqueness. It’s fair to say you will not […]