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Belgrade travel

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Belgrade Travel Travellers in Belgrade will not have too much trouble blending with Serbian and Belgrade culture. English is spoken with tourists in almost every area. You will find the younger folks in Belgrade speak it more often, and these will be your guides to finding the hottest gay clubs in Belgrade. For many Belgrade […]

A memory of kyoto

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A Memory of Kyoto It’s often that chance encounters, the unplanned events, linger, long after the excursions and the sights of a particular trip have faded. It was in 1998 when my wife and I visited central Japan, basing ourselves in Kyoto, having availed ourselves of cheap flights from Bandar Seri Begawan, courtesy of Royal […]

Buy florida attraction tickets for an adventurous holiday

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Buy Florida Attraction Tickets for an Adventurous Holiday Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay is a place where wildlife co-exists with the amusement thrill park. In 1959 the Anheuser-Busch brewing empire built this attraction as the entertaining venue which includes extreme rides and amazing animals. With the passage of time the park has been renovated and […]

A world of activity on the canaries

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A World Of Activity On The Canaries For a group of islands situated out in the Atlantic Ocean you would expect water to feature highly in the leisure activities of the islands. There are several harbours and marinas around the coastlines of the different islands but sailing is not the primary water sport activity in […]

Budgeted 2 nights & 3 days packages in shimla

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Budgeted 2 Nights & 3 Days packages in Shimla Shimla is a beautiful hill station and is the capital of Himachal Pradesh with a population of around 145,000. It derives its name from “Goddess Shyamala”. Discovered by the British, Shimla was once considered as the ‘Summer capital of the British’ in the colonial era. Summers […]