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Ayahuasca retreats in the amazon rainforest

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Ayahuasca Retreats in the Amazon Rainforest Ayahuasca Retreat We are pleased to present a dedicated programme in the Amazon rainforest, which is focussed on an inner and deep self-exploration and encounter with the power of the rainforest. This is an adventure into the magical world of the rainforest, and a transformative experience of the ancient […]

Airport parking solutions at jfk international airport

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Airport Parking Solutions at JFK International Airport The John F. Kennedy International Airport, or JFK, named after the 35th U.S. President, is the busiest international air gateway to the United States. It is the largest airport in the New York metropolitan airport system, which is run by the Port Authority of New York and New […]

A visit to the desert with maximum benefits

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A Visit To The Desert With Maximum Benefits Deserts in Dubai have been known for their activities. Locals and tourists often visit Dubai deserts to keep themselves entertained. There are very less deserts in the world which are known for their authenticity and Dubai deserts are one of them. Their natural charm and unmatched entertainments […]

All about honeymoon in kerala

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All about Honeymoon in Kerala Kerala, the Honeymooner’s Paradise is all time favorite honeymoon destination among newly wedded couples. The place is endowed with tons of tourist attraction spots. Kerala is one of he most visited place in India. It is all because of numerous beaches, series of backwaters, good amount of flora and fauna, […]

A world of activity on the canaries

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A World Of Activity On The Canaries For a group of islands situated out in the Atlantic Ocean you would expect water to feature highly in the leisure activities of the islands. There are several harbours and marinas around the coastlines of the different islands but sailing is not the primary water sport activity in […]