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Caiman hunting in peru's amazon basin

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Caiman Hunting in Peru's Amazon Basin On Peru?s eastern edge, in the heart of the Amazon basin, crouch hoards of black caimans, the endangered relative of the crocodile. Bedding down amongst the oxbow lakes and groves of Mauritanian palms, these crocs have poached nearly to extinction, and recently have been declared a dependent of the […]

An elephant at the gate: great safari experience in kenya

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An Elephant at the Gate: Great Safari Experience in Kenya I remember the drive was long, dusty and bumpy. At first the smooth highway from Nairobi (capital city of Kenya) led northwards into lush, green highlands, whose slopes were squared off into maize fields, cow paddocks and coffee plantations. From the cool shoulders of Mt. […]

Albufeira in portugal – why it is a great family resort

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Albufeira in Portugal – Why It Is A Great Family Resort Portugal is really a nation that is about the visitor chart for several years however in contrast to numerous nations which have were built with a visitor business for just about any excellent period of period still offers numerous hotels which are fairly unmarked […]

Belize – a place where nature rules

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Belize – a Place Where Nature Rules! If you’ve heard of Belize, most probably the description would have been about its breathtaking natural beauty. This small nation Belize, which is just 180 miles long and around 68 miles wide, has abundant natural beauty that can be noticed in its every nook and corner. In fact, […]

Best value for diving where the three seas meet

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Best Value for Diving Where the Three Seas Meet As a diver, I am always looking for a perfect place to dive, but doesn’t burn a hole in my pockets as well. I want a good place with good facilities, comfortable accommodation, good weather, good scenery and good food plus good security. You know where […]