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Borthwick castle – hotel and wedding venue in scotland

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Borthwick Castle – Hotel and Wedding Venue in Scotland Borthwick Castle was built in 1430 by Lord Borthwick. The castle was built as a stronghold, designed to withstand invaders, and also as a base from with offensive strikes could be launched when needed. When the castle was first built it had a portcullis, moat and […]

Attractions in phuket thailand

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Attractions in Phuket Thailand Phuket Thailand has many attractions one can discover either on day trips or longer. The Beaches are by far the biggest attraction to Phuket because it has many beaches for one to explore. You can keep yourself busy all year round with the many attractions in Phuket other than just the […]

Andaman tours

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Andaman Tours Andaman and nicobar islands has many tourist spots and it’s a nature lovers paradise.. Andaman is an excellent place to see islands and beaches. It has also many historic monuments and ancient ruined islands. But many people usually think that it has only islands and beaches. Many are unaware of the fact that […]

A goan get-away diving through the busy goan beaches

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A Goan Get-Away Diving Through the Busy Goan Beaches “This country (India) is a paradise for criminals” -Charles Shobharaj April 6, 1986. That was the day when Charles Gurumukh Sobharaj, a notorious international criminal, was arrested from a Portuguese restaurant in Panaji, the capital of Goa.  The quote above was reportedly pronounced by Shobharaj, while […]

Ayahuasca shaman – javier arevalo interviewed in the amazon rainforest peru

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Ayahuasca Shaman – Javier Arevalo Interviewed in the Amazon Rainforest Peru Spirituality is at the centre of the Ayahuasca experience. Purification and cleansing of body, mind, and spirit in a shamanic ceremony can be the beginning of a process of profound personal and spiritual discovery. This process can continue indefinitely even if one never drinks […]