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Art and culture of abyane, a village visiting in iran tour

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Art and Culture of Abyane, A Village visiting in iran tour Abyane, a combination of art and traditions The province of Isfahan, in central Iran has a history stretching back thousands of years. There are lots of world-famous historical sites in every corner, attracting numerous Iranian and foreign tourists year-round. Perhaps one of most famous […]

Abu simbel

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Abu Simbel Abu Simbel The stretch of the Nile Valley that runs from Aswan, past the great Philae Temple dedicated to the goddess Isis, which was dismantled and reconstructed on Agilikia Island before its former site,Philae Island, was flooded when the old dam was constructed, onwards past the Aswan Dam and the huge manmade lake, Lake Nasser, comes to a halt […]

Bharatpur national park- the pilgrimage for bird enthusiasts

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Bharatpur National Park- The Pilgrimage for Bird Enthusiasts! “I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven”. By: Emily Dickinson Flaunting their bright colours and attractive figures, the beautiful birds inhabiting Bharatpur National Park attract tourists from across the globe. So get ready with your cap, sport shoes and a […]

Ajanta cave paintings and carvings: buddhist art

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Ajanta Cave Paintings and Carvings: Buddhist Art The caves of AJANTA are one of the greatest monuments of the world. Being ancient, this place is recognized as historical monument by UNESCO. Visit to these caves would be a memorable experience for any person coming form any place of the world. It is believed that the Buddha devotees and […]

Agra: forts and palaces of mughal architecture

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Agra: Forts and Palaces of Mughal Architecture India is the most favoured destination of the world tourists. And the city of Agra is an important holiday target for every person who lands on the land of this country. The city of Agra is full of places with historical connections and cultural importance. After you have seen the world famous Taj […]