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Asia for a luxury holiday

Автор: admin, 16 Feb 2012. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

5 places to visit in Asia for a luxury holiday Asia is home to some of the most beautiful and exotic luxury destinations on the planet. With countries including Bali, Thailand, Singapore and Japan, there are some excellent choices for luxury breaks. Below a look at 5 Asian luxury destinations that should not be missed. […]

Are you a civil war buff

Автор: admin, 05 Apr 2011. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

Are you a Civil War Buff? Why not Experience Historic Georgia? If you’re thinking of taking a vacation in the Deep South, Georgia might not be at the top of your list. After all, Florida offers stunning beaches and sweltering weather, Louisiana boasts an eclectic cultural heritage and Tennessee is home to Nashville – the […]

A unique adventure vacation in ghana

Автор: admin, 02 Oct 2010. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

A Unique Adventure Vacation in Ghana People who are fascinated with places that have rich culture should go on an adventure vacation in Ghana, specifically the city of Cape Coast. The place, which can be found in the central region of Ghana, is a place that has a dark history of colonialism and slave trading. […]

Best beach locations

Автор: admin, 22 Sep 2010. Рубрика: B • Метки: , , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

Best Beach Locations It really doen’t matter what time of year it is where you live. Tropical beach vacations usually are fun and relaxing even if it’s snowing whrer you live.  Topical is tropical and the sun usually shines most days.  Around the globe, there are many beaches to choose from.  The different beaches may […]

A unique, magical place, ngorongoro crater, tanzania africa

Автор: admin, 22 Jul 2010. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

A Unique, Magical Place, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Africa! Ever wanted to get away form it all and cut yourself off from the outside world, then the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, Africa is the place for you. Ngorongoro is not actually a crater but a Caldera. A Caldera is formed when a Volcano collapses in on itself […]