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Books about rose gardening

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Books About Rose Gardening Books About Rose Gardening are Essential Reading for Matching Different Types of Roses with Your Garden. Regardless of whether you are new to gardening with roses, or if you have been growing roses for years and are an “old hand” at it – you will find that there will be a […]

A brief introduction to the sunny maltese archepelago

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A brief introduction to the sunny Maltese Archepelago Few other countries can boast such concentrated history, architecture, as well as beaches in so tiny an area. Malta is perfect for travelers looking to take it easy for a fortnight, see most of the sights, yet not travel very far. The Maltese Islands cover a land […]

Best of south india tour

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Best Of South India Tour South India is basically consists of four states Andhra pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala.It also consist of  union territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, occupying 19.31% of India’s area. After experiencing fluctuations in the decades immediately after Indian independence, the economies of South Indian states have registered higher than national average […]

Bali's natural bounty

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Bali's Natural Bounty One of the world’s top tourist destinations, Bali attracts millions of people around the world year after year. Although what makes Bali so appealing to millions of tourists can be hard to pin down, it is likely a combination of the warmth and friendliness of the Balinese people, a rich cultural and […]

A whale of a trip – kayak the san juan islands

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A Whale of a Trip – Kayak the San Juan Islands Deep within the Puget Sound, between Seattle and Vancouver, right next to Victoria, lays a rural archipelago known as the San Juan Islands. Technically associated with Washington State, these islands actually straddle the Washington-British Columbia border, and include several hundred islands, reefs, and rocks. […]