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Ayahuasca shaman and peruvian mystic, alonso del rio interviewed

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Ayahuasca Shaman and Peruvian Mystic, Alonso Del Rio Interviewed Alonso del Rio is a powerful maestro who interweaves Shipibo and other icaros with sacred music of his own to lead you on your journey; he is both a talented musician and an inspiring communicator of the Amazonian shamanic world. He first came into contact with […]

Babuyan islands: the philippines northern paradise

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Babuyan Islands: the Philippines Northern Paradise Like all adventure journeys, our Babuyan island quest has never been that easy. About fourteen hours land trip from Manila to Aparri and four hours boat ride to Camiguin Island. But admit it. There are adventures of the mind just as there are adventures of the body, and summer […]

Between realism and fiction , dege – western kham

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Between Realism and Fiction , Dege – Western Kham Dege, Western Kham, Border with Tibet Long before the sun rises we are up. Behind the mountains it begins to dawn, we are engulfed by the beauty of the morning. The night had been noisy, with Tibetan lemurs rummaging overhead in the double wooden ceiling, sleeping […]

At the large eastern islands of the king’ s garden

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At The Large Eastern Islands Of The King’ S Garden If you accept our suggestion appearing  in the former issue, the trip continues from San Jose del Lago, Mayajigua, towards Moron after passing Chambas and Falla villages, and traveling about 35 km. Moron is a city that offers multiple choices for those who love nature […]

A train crossing, kanpur, utar pradesh, india

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A Train Crossing, Kanpur, Utar Pradesh, India 06.00AM, Airport Mumbai. I  made it in time, driving from the Hotel in Worli. Mumbai is one of the largest cities on our globe and leaves an unforgettable impression behind. In daytime the streets are bustling with activity, the stench of car fumes, the ever present pollution, the […]