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Caiman hunting in peru's amazon basin

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Caiman Hunting in Peru's Amazon Basin On Peru?s eastern edge, in the heart of the Amazon basin, crouch hoards of black caimans, the endangered relative of the crocodile. Bedding down amongst the oxbow lakes and groves of Mauritanian palms, these crocs have poached nearly to extinction, and recently have been declared a dependent of the […]

Adventure at gulmarg is the best thing at kashmir trip

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Adventure at Gulmarg is The Best Thing at Kashmir Trip Magical flower meadows, snow clad mountains, enchanting valleys, lovely landscapes and many more – Gulmarg is one such place in the state of Jammu & Kashmir that offers something or the other for all kinds of tourists with varying tastes. Be it your honeymoon vacation, […]

Andaman tours

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Andaman Tours Andaman and nicobar islands has many tourist spots and it’s a nature lovers paradise.. Andaman is an excellent place to see islands and beaches. It has also many historic monuments and ancient ruined islands. But many people usually think that it has only islands and beaches. Many are unaware of the fact that […]

Africa's oldest marine park, magic islands, zebra fish"-malindi marine park

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"Africa's Oldest Marine Park, Magic Islands, Zebra Fish"-Malindi Marine Park “Africa’s Oldest Marine Park, Magic Islands, Zebra fish”-Malindi Marine Park Malindi Marine Park and Reserve lie between Latitude. 3o and 4o south, about 118 km from Mombasa town. It is located to the south of Malindi town. The marine park is endowed with magnificent resources […]

A whale of a trip – kayak the san juan islands

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A Whale of a Trip – Kayak the San Juan Islands Deep within the Puget Sound, between Seattle and Vancouver, right next to Victoria, lays a rural archipelago known as the San Juan Islands. Technically associated with Washington State, these islands actually straddle the Washington-British Columbia border, and include several hundred islands, reefs, and rocks. […]