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Asia for a luxury holiday

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5 places to visit in Asia for a luxury holiday Asia is home to some of the most beautiful and exotic luxury destinations on the planet. With countries including Bali, Thailand, Singapore and Japan, there are some excellent choices for luxury breaks. Below a look at 5 Asian luxury destinations that should not be missed. […]

Barbados travel tips

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Barbados Travel Tips Planning on an affordable Barbados travel getaway? Is such a thing even possible? Well fret not since here are a bunch of tips to help you get that perfect island getaway while saving as much money as possible.Tip 1: The first thing that anyone, who wants to save money on a vacation, […]

Bratislava – slovakia, a wonderful place for those who enjoy learning the history and culture of cities

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Bratislava – Slovakia, a Wonderful Place for Those Who Enjoy Learning the History and Culture of Cities Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia and wonderful place for those who enjoy learning the history and culture of cities, which have a long and ancient story to tell. The museums, cathedrals and medieval castles reveal a […]

Bangkok, thailand – always worth a journey

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Bangkok, Thailand – Always Worth a Journey Bangkok – Krungtheb Bangkok is always worth visiting, see the Mae Nam, the “Mother of Water” from the fast running passenger boats plying the river from Nonthaburi to Klongthoey, and invigorate the scents, the mystic of the orient, make a stopover at “Tha Ratchawongse” , visit Yaowarat, enjoy […]

Beach holiday or city holiday

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Beach Holiday Or City Holiday? When the time comes to plan a holiday, the primary and most obvious choice that has to be made is where to do. Depending on your budget, preferences and a slew of other factors, the possibilities can vary a great deal. One of the best ways to narrow things down […]