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Books about rose gardening

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Books About Rose Gardening Books About Rose Gardening are Essential Reading for Matching Different Types of Roses with Your Garden. Regardless of whether you are new to gardening with roses, or if you have been growing roses for years and are an “old hand” at it – you will find that there will be a […]

Best places to dive

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Best Places To Dive. The World’s Prettiest Coral Reefs, Islands, Holes And Scuba Destinations Are you tired of snorkeling in the public pool? Well it’s about time you got your fins together and went on a real SCUBA adventure. Where can you start? Here are a few suggestions: Palau, Micronesia Palau is considered to be […]

Belize- for an adventure filled vacation

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Belize- for an Adventure Filled Vacation If you are looking for an adventure, unlike anything you have experienced before, Belize is just the right place for your vacation. Discover a network of fast flowing rivers and cascading waterfalls, spectacular limestone caves, lush rainforests, world class fishing, diving, and snorkeling, mysterious Maya Ruins, and miles of […]

A trip to tagbilaran – the city of peace and friendship in bohol

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A Trip to Tagbilaran – The City of Peace and Friendship in Bohol Known as the capital city of the island province of Bohol, Tagbilaran is already one of the major municipalities that are deemed to become more progressive and successful in the close to future. According to the Asian Institute of Management, their city […]

Ayers rock adventure

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Ayers Rock Adventure Ayers rock is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, having been slowly sculpted over the last 55 million years. Ayers rock is 986ft high and is made entirely from sandstone, but the visible rock is in fact just a small part of a rock that sinks almost 2500ft into […]