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Calming your world with a spacious awareness retreat

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Calming your World With a Spacious Awareness Retreat Join us on a journey to one of the most beautiful places on earth, and take a vacation from your pains, stresses and worries. For eight days you will practice the gift of unconditional self-love; calm your world, become present and learn how to clear your energy […]

Caiman hunting in peru's amazon basin

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Caiman Hunting in Peru's Amazon Basin On Peru?s eastern edge, in the heart of the Amazon basin, crouch hoards of black caimans, the endangered relative of the crocodile. Bedding down amongst the oxbow lakes and groves of Mauritanian palms, these crocs have poached nearly to extinction, and recently have been declared a dependent of the […]

Caliente caribe: the swaying coconut trees along the glistening beaches

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Caliente Caribe: The Swaying Coconut Trees Along The Glistening Beaches The name Caliente Caribe when translated in English would mean: “hot Caribbean”. The name is quite a suggestive one when one looks at the type of the facilities that are given in this resort. One of the primary features is the facility of clothing being […]

Caliente caribe – the crib of features rolling in untold pleasures

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Caliente Caribe – The crib of features rolling in untold pleasures There have many resorts in the world that have never ceased to amaze the human soul with their wonderful features. But none of them have been successful to the level that has been attained by the Caliente Caribe. This resort is perhaps, the ultimate […]

Caliente caribe – a step beyond the imagination for ones dream vacations

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Caliente Caribe – A step beyond the imagination for ones dream vacations If one believes in a naturalist lifestyle, then he or she can add all the more spice to his/he life by planning a vacation to the Caliente Caribe resort.Caliente Caribe is famous clothing optional resort located near the Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. It […]