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An exotic island stay in tropical north queensland

Автор: admin, 14 Feb 2011. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

An Exotic Island Stay in Tropical North Queensland The Tropical North Queensland area of Australia is perhaps one of the most incredible regions in the entire world.  Included in the Tropical North Queensland region are Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef and this sector offers some of the most incredible and extravagant island experiences that […]

A unique adventure vacation in ghana

Автор: admin, 02 Oct 2010. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

A Unique Adventure Vacation in Ghana People who are fascinated with places that have rich culture should go on an adventure vacation in Ghana, specifically the city of Cape Coast. The place, which can be found in the central region of Ghana, is a place that has a dark history of colonialism and slave trading. […]

Byron bay luxury accommodation

Автор: admin, 12 Apr 2010. Рубрика: B • Метки: , , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

Byron bay luxury accommodation Byron bay is the beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales in Australia. It is famous for its alternative lifestyles and attracts people from all walks of life. Byron Bay has a subtropical climate all year with the cooling coastal winds in summer a […]

Australia: a hot holiday destination

Автор: admin, 08 Apr 2010. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

Australia: A Hot Holiday Destination Australia is very well known for its sandy deserts, unique wildlife and cultural activities. It is a country of awesome natural beauty and vast cultural and historical heritage. As an island continent, it has secured a significant place as a much favoured holiday destination known for its boundless hospitality. The […]

A caribbean adventure with an east indian culture twist

Автор: admin, 08 Dec 2009. Рубрика: A • Метки: , , , ,  • Ваш отзыв

A Caribbean Adventure with an East Indian Culture Twist You don’t have to fly half way around the world to experience East Indian culture, or enjoy its mysteries. That’s right! Just escape to the Caribbean for some fun, sun, and sandy beaches and you can also discover a vibrant enclave of authentic Indian culture. And […]


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