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Beaches of kerala

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Beaches of Kerala The exquisite white sandy seashores with wavy palm trees, the rolling and receding surf over the sand are very common picture of Kerala. Kerala is blessed with beauty of the sun, sea and sand. Kerala coast is spotted with sandy beaches and coconut palms. The palm-lined beaches of Kerala are well known […]

An exotic island stay in tropical north queensland

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An Exotic Island Stay in Tropical North Queensland The Tropical North Queensland area of Australia is perhaps one of the most incredible regions in the entire world.  Included in the Tropical North Queensland region are Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef and this sector offers some of the most incredible and extravagant island experiences that […]

An unforgettable adventure holiday in jamaica

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An Unforgettable Adventure Holiday in Jamaica Jamaica, the name itself conjures up images of fun, thrill, excitement, adventure and luxury. Though there is something for everyone, adventure enthusiasts will be in for a special surprise because this destination does offer too many exciting adventure opportunities. Whether it is a horseback or a cycle ride through […]

Best bangkok girl friendly hotels 2010

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Best Bangkok Girl Friendly Hotels 2010 Thinking about visiting Bangkok’s wild and naughtly nightlife? Well you are not alone. Every year millions of visitors (mostly men) travel to Bangkok in search of a great time in go go bars and for most parts fulfilling their wildest sexual fantasies. But before you book that flight it […]

Andaman and nicobar islands – the receptacles of beauty and peace

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands – The Receptacles of Beauty and Peace The Andaman and Nicobar Islands were getting less attention from the world tourists till the date. Formerly these islands were connected through the sea-route only. Now we can go and can easily visit Andaman, the main island, by plane journey, too. These islands are […]