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Air flights to south africa

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Air Flights to South Africa Home of the 2010 football World Cup, South Africa is already a great destination. Air flights to South Africa can take you to Cape Town or Johannesburg, and you’ll find yourself in a different world. And the prices are affordable. For destinations like Johannesburg or Cape Town, you should be […]

A silk road trip, or i gobbed in the gobi, china,1992, by philip spires

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A Silk Road Trip, or I Gobbed in the Gobi, China,1992, by Philip Spires In August 1992, myself and my wife, Caroline, arranged a trip to post-Tiananmen China. It was in the days when the London China Travel office was on Cambridge Circus, opposite the Palace Theatre on Charing Cross Road. It took me at […]

Big cypress: the western everglades

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Big Cypress: The Western Everglades Big Cypress, a.k.a., The Western Everglades, is a unique ecosystem in the world, because only here one finds both the royal palm and the bald cypress growing together.  Big Cypress begins East of Ft. Myers in Lee County and goes West to the Miami-Dade County and South to the Gulf […]