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Art and culture of abyane, a village visiting in iran tour

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Art and Culture of Abyane, A Village visiting in iran tour Abyane, a combination of art and traditions The province of Isfahan, in central Iran has a history stretching back thousands of years. There are lots of world-famous historical sites in every corner, attracting numerous Iranian and foreign tourists year-round. Perhaps one of most famous […]

A seven mile beach hotel

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A Seven Mile Beach Hotel? The Palms Resort Is Better If you are looking for something special among the hotels in Negril that can make your holiday in Jamaica really unique, then The Palms Resort is just what you need.  You only need a straw hat, bathing suit, tropical shirt and flip-flops and you’ll be […]

Africa's oldest marine park, magic islands, zebra fish"-malindi marine park

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"Africa's Oldest Marine Park, Magic Islands, Zebra Fish"-Malindi Marine Park “Africa’s Oldest Marine Park, Magic Islands, Zebra fish”-Malindi Marine Park Malindi Marine Park and Reserve lie between Latitude. 3o and 4o south, about 118 km from Mombasa town. It is located to the south of Malindi town. The marine park is endowed with magnificent resources […]

Best locations in the world to spend some quality time

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Best Locations In The World To Spend Some Quality Time There are so many places in the world where you can plan your next vacation. India is one such place which you will find very hot and exotic in any respect. India tours are undoubtedly full of fun, excitement and alluring at the same time. […]

Argentina holiday guide

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Argentina Holiday Guide Experiencing South America culture and history starts with engrossing oneself in the culture and history of three of Argentina’s best cities. An Argentina Tour holiday is the perfect way to escape your normal routine while relaxing and exploring the city of Catamarca. Catamarca is located about 1,000 kilometers to the northwest of […]