Amazon rainforest animals facts and tips

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Amazon Rainforest Animals Facts And Tips

It is for your pet guinea pig can offer a wide range of housing. Box “or” box “or guinea pig cage for pet Guinea pigs can be on your space constraints and taking into account. It is possible to prepare, all you want, but despite the fact that each of these houses as far as cavy is very similar features for all health and welfare their pets need to clarify.
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Higher is better
The main cabin is first rate. More and more, and many a taxi, better accepted. Some guinea pigs to run and romp, and because of their cell mates happy (playing with two guys) are available. Traffic this year is very important that the cavy health. Without a lot of guinea pigs to your fat and depressed. Both diseases are caused by additional medical problems.
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Car Make sure you have layers, rather than solid wire. This is not to improve the protection, or a member of the eye does not hurt the leg in order to ensure the guinea pig. If possible, they say, and then it is difficult to absorb the urine smell and unsanitary conditions because they tend to leave, and avoid the wooden floor. Since it is easy to clean plastic, which is usually the best apartment.
Bed Base
If your guinea pig salon bed is required. A lot of people on several layers of paper and paper use a combination of pieces of hay. But I also with a piece of wool on the forum, many people at the bottom of a layer of absorbent cotton towel (use reading. Runes away / urinary cotton towel will absorb moisture from the wicks. Thrown into the washing machine is easy to clean.
However, you need a taxi inside the pig, including hay is very important for two reasons. Guinea pigs will chew it to burn. Selected breeds of guinea pigs that are Timothy hay. Enough hay, of course, the guinea pig to chew the use of their teeth. This is a guinea pig for a tooth during his life, and if it continues to grow in guinea pigs in a certain way in order to maintain its position of teeth OEM accounts. Another reason is that a dental problem until the pork in a large area using pig hay. Digestive tract is very important that your receipt of health to prevent the vet.

Ayahuasca shaman and peruvian mystic, alonso del rio interviewed

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Ayahuasca Shaman and Peruvian Mystic, Alonso Del Rio Interviewed

Alonso del Rio is a powerful maestro who interweaves Shipibo and other icaros with sacred music of his own to lead you on your journey; he is both a talented musician and an inspiring communicator of the Amazonian shamanic world. He first came into contact with ayahuasca in 1979 after spending three years working with huachuma (San Pedro). This was when he met Don Benito Arevalo, a grand Shipibo shaman with whom he developed a long relationship, and who gave him his first teachings in ayahuasca and other medicinal plants.

Later, taking ayahuasca alone as part of his traditional teaching, he says: “I didn’t feel comfortable reproducing the chants that I’d learned with my maestro, so one night I picked up my guitar and began to play what came to me and the result was surprising. From then on I was never without my guitar at ceremonies and over the years many songs came to me, set to different rhythms for ceremonies and incorporating teachings and revelations from the medicine itself.” He has published three CDs to date. Alonso lives in the sacred valley of Cusco where he runs a healing centre and a primary school for local children.

The potential and purpose of Ayahuasca

For most traditional shamans, ayahuasca is a tool for diagnosing illness, and as curanderos, (healers) they will mediate with plant spirits to heal their clients both physically and spiritually. More ‘popular’ urban shamans can also use their magical powers to change your luck, for example attracting money or a lover.

On this retreat we would like to develop another aspect, perhaps even more serious, and use the plants as powerful tools for self knowledge. Amongst all the spiritual paths that the world offers, Alonso believes that, at this time, teacher plants are the best way for people to gain a deep knowledge of themselves and at the same time this can solve some problems that other paths cannot.

During his 30 years experience with ayahuasca and San Pedro, Alonso never wanted to be a shaman or attain magical powers but rather gain self development through self knowledge. He will share his discoveries to help us ‘undo’ the mental programming and the cultural conditioning (family and ancestral) which models our minds. Ayahuasca is a powerful tool for being happy and free, says Alonso,

The retreat we are holding with Alonso, could equally suit a person who has some background in Buddhism, yoga or mysticism.

It is a space for having contact with divinity without intermediaries or interpretations. Ayahuasca allows you to be gently introspective, to see your fears, worries and everything that makes you suffer! It can take you back through your life to show you at what moment the suffering took hold in your body and in your memory, how it has made you live on a superficial level because underneath there is too much pain, and as we don’t want to feel pain, how we condemn ourselves to living on the surface. With ayahuasca we can enter the pain at the time when we were children, when we experienced the first traumas and agonies of life, and cleanse it by forgiving the whole chain of events and the people who made us suffer. Traumatic experiences are inevitable in life, but what we cannot afford to do is live with resentment and blame people, as this ruins our relationships.

Some people may not be satisfied with the life they lead. Ayahuasca enables them to see their priorities. Is it following a spiritual path that you want most, or making money? Do you want to start a family or do you want to pursue your career? Constantly doing what is expected of us we cause suffering. The answers are all inside us. We must live by what we profoundly want. Ayahuasca clarifies your priorities and feelings, which are neither good nor bad in and of them selves.

Conversation with Alonso

There are many myths about the origin of Ayahuasca and there is even one which has been growing fast in the West, that Ayahuasca is what we need to get us out of the mess we’re in! But can it work for Westerners the same way if they are outside the cultural context and all the associated beliefs that go with it?

I think it works but its different. The mind of a person brought up in the selva without much contact with the Western world, probably born about 50 or 70 years ago, as are the majority of traditional maestros, have lived without watching TV and other Western influences. His mind is very different from your or my mind. So to have access to the same visions, the same codes is difficult. But what I have found is that the expansion of the consciousness and the power that the plant gives you to understand many things is perfectly valid.

The magical space to which we are taken – call it the ‘unconscious’ or any term you want to use depending on your psychological model – is one where all the kingdoms of nature can communicate. That is people can talk to plants, and plants with minerals, minerals to animals and animals with humans… all in the same language. It is a very real communication and one of the greatest mysteries which exists. This is something which an English person, or a Peruvian born in Lima can experience just as an Amazonian person. Because you can do it without speaking in a native dialect, it doesn’t go through the mind but between one spirit and another.

Some Westerners have done themselves harm by not respecting the diet properly, and some have tried to make special exceptions for foreigners.

Yes its true, and the main point they have missed is respect, respect for a tradition. Its not that there is one diet for a native and another for a Westerner. There is one diet not two! Its more than what you eat, its sex and other things too. Otherwise anyone could come along and pretend that it was a bridge to a wonderful sexual experience! There is no limit to the imagination of some New Age gurus. If you follow these traditions which have been tried and tested for thousands of years and then you want to make modifications, then probably you can do it. But first you need the nobility to undergo the full rigors of the tradition, then you can have the authority to alter things for your people. But if you can’t hack doing a proper diet, then you are not in a position to underrate it.

There was a group of Germans who after sessions with Guillermo, would go to the disco, assuming they had come down from the effects of the ayahuasca. They would dance to the very loud music. It gives you an idea of how mistaken you can get from not respecting the tradition. You need to prepare your mind and body to receive all the information which comes to you, otherwise it might destroy you like lightening burns up a tree.

As you continue to work with plant diets, you have more intense experiences, and at the same time you develop a greater capacity to resist them, until you can take the strongest plants and live more in the other reality and to be able to return to your self, to your body.

Alonso relates an Ashuar Myth

In the time of the ancestors there was a ladder, like a rope which connected the world of the Ashuar with the upper world. Here lived other beings just like the Ashuar but they were spirits. These beings were very powerful and could transform themselves into anything they wanted. One day Moon-man cut this ladder so that the people could no longer communicate with their spirits above, and thus they lost their power. Moon man refers to the way of relating to all things in everyday reality through the mind. This is what gives ‘everyday reality’ its often disempowering quality, ‘its out there and we cannot change it’. In other words the mind came between man and the spirit world. The Ayahuasca is the broken rope, but it is always there.

In all cultures there is a recollection of an era when people could talk with the spirits directly. Then civilization arrives, and holds reason as the highest human achievement. What is not rational, does not exist, and that is what has reigned until today. For 2000 years we have suffered this kind of tyranny of reason. If its not logical its not worthy of us. The next step in our evolution is the reconciliation of these two things, and will be the union of reason with intuition. It will generate a new development in humanity leading to other states of consciousness and knowledge.

So what are we to make of taboos, supposedly irrational, but they must have served some purpose because our ancestors were not stupid?

In some cases they may have become distorted in some way but generally they come from something real, so its best to respect them without rationalizing them. If we try to do that we are already on the wrong track.

Alonso del Rio is holding a workshop, Ayahuasca and San Pedro Ceremonies at the Eagle’s Wing Plant Spirit Shamanism Retreat at Mishana, October 2007. For more information, visit the author’s website.

Art and culture of abyane, a village visiting in iran tour

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Art and Culture of Abyane, A Village visiting in iran tour

Abyane, a combination of art and traditions

The province of Isfahan, in central Iran has a history stretching back thousands of years. There are lots of world-famous historical sites in every corner, attracting numerous Iranian and foreign tourists year-round.

Perhaps one of most famous is Abyane, a very beautiful ancient village near the town of Kashan. It’s registered with UNESCO as one of the four most historic villages of Iran. (The others are Masule, Kandovan and Meimand.) This article is a brief survey of Abyane’s geographical location and the culture and traditions of its people.

Getting to the village involves a 50 kilometer drive off the Kashan-Natanz road, through a few villages, then into the actual valley of Abyane. The setting is breathtaking, with the village on the north-western slope of Mt Karkas.

The first thing which strikes a visitor is the unique architecture. The houses are arranged like steps up the hillside, so the roofs of some houses are the front yards of the next one up. The roofs/yards are built using traditional materials, timber, straw and clay. The walls, also red mud bricks, are impressive. Uniquely, these bricks get stronger when exposed to the rain. To make as much use of the sun as possible, the houses face the east. Most of the houses are uniform in appearance. The doors also feature beautiful patterns, poems and, sometimes, the names of the owner and mason are carved on the front.

The weather is cold and the winters are long. The trees surrounding the village frame the landscape, especially during spring. On entering the village, in addition to the architecture, the colorful traditional style of clothing, and the cheerful faces of the people attracts everybody’s attention.

Religious and public buildings

The Friday Mosque, in the middle of the village, is impressive. The sanctuary has a wooden prayer niche around which there are eye-catching patterns and carved decorations dating back to the Seljuq Period (1038-1194). Interestingly, the building has some features similar to architectural elements seen at the palace of Persepolis

Another mosque, called Porzaleh, was built during the Illkhanid period, and is situated in the oldest part of the village. Its sanctuary is vast. The decorations are very similar to those of the tomb of Bayazid of Bastam, the great Persian mystic. The Hajatgah mosque, built next to a rock outcrop, dates back to the early Safavid period, according to an inscription on top of its door. Inside there is a beautiful sanctuary hall with large wooden pillars. In addition to the mosques, there are some other places which are worth a visit including the Zoroastrian fire-temple (from the Sassanid period), three castles, a few pilgrimage sites and a mill.


As it is located in a valley with a narrow river, Abyane does not have a lot of agricultural land. So the people tend to rear animals for a living. The hills and valleys surrounding the area are used as pasture lands in all seasons. Due to the scarcity of agricultural products the people are rather frugal.

Traditional food and clothing

Gipa is a stew cooked with mutton. It’s a local dish, served on special occasions and feasts. Other specialties of the region include Jovin, made with barley, Karvani, made with curd and fried onions, and Ardine, made with local vegetables and yogurt.

Backpacking tips: how to survive severe culture shock and have an amazing time

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Backpacking Tips: How to survive severe culture shock and have an amazing time!

You’re living the dream; turning up at a new and exciting destination every few days, checking out the local dishes and exploring the sights of temples, markets and local life. This is the life….until one day you’re stuck in a tuk tuk breathing in the heavy traffic fumes, worrying about where you are going to lay your sleepy head for the night when a local seller pushes some fried chicken claws in your direction and argghh you can’t stand it all anymore! You’re hot, definitely bothered and have had it with the pollution and the smell of sewage. The skewered locusts that once astounded you now just make you feel queezy. Before you scoot into the closest internet caf? and book a flight back home take a minute out. This feeling has probably happened to all the seasoned backpacker you’ve met. The diagnosis is a case of new-culture overload and here are a few remedies that will get you back to the state of avid adventurer in no time at all!

Give yourself a break. Find a quiet, clean air conditioned caf? with no stray animals lurking in the corners. Buy something familiar (a mug of coffee and a slice of toast can work a treat) and lose yourself in a favourite book.

Consider taking a night out of the backpacker ghetto and checking into a swankier pad. It may involve some extra dosh but it will enable you to get the max out of your travelling experience, rather than longing for the Heinz Baked Beans back home.

Are you missing loved ones? With services like skype there is no excuse for not staying updated – give your folks a call if it helps.

Take your new culture in stages. Diving straight from the plane and straight into a prawn curry with extra chillies is probably not the best plan. Allow your body to get used to the new food, climate and time zone.

Having the right attitude is key. The new culture you are in is different but it is not worse than another culture. It’s good to see each country in its own unique light rather than comparing it to another culture. We know this is easier said than done when the plate of fresh pasta you ordered arrives looking, and smelling, like an octopus shaped mush but smile, stay calm and breathe in the new world around you.

Avoiding the worst costa rica tourist traps

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Avoiding The Worst Costa Rica Tourist Traps

Like all thriving tourist economies, Costa Rica’s tourism industry has its share of shady operators.  While they are far outnumbered by the honest and friendly tour operators and Ticos, you don’t want an encounter with one of them to spoil what could otherwise be the best vacation of your life.  We’ve collected just a few tips to help you negotiate your way around some of Costa Rica’s more notorious tourist traps:

Having  a travel agent book your trip to Costa Rica may not be necessary and could end up costing you more than you need to pay, because some travel agents tack on as much as $50 per night to the cost of you hotel in Costa Rica.   Spending a few hours to confirm your hotel reservations online could pay off with enough savings to let you extend your stay.

While you’re making your hotel arrangements, be sure to check on the distance from each hotel to the major tourist attractions.   The closer they are, the less you’ll have to spend in cab or bus fare. 

If you’ve decided to rent a car and drive yourself to the sights of Costa Rica, be aware that the metropolitan police have a habit of appearing out of nowhere to nail drivers on traffic violations.  What most tourists don’t know is that if they are tickets, they can pay the tickets at any Bank of Costa Rica and should never hand money over to a policeman who says that for a fee he will take care of the ticket himself.

But why risk any encounter with the local law enforcement if you don’t need to?  Taxi and bus service extremely easy to find in Costa Rica, and  it will remove any chance of your winding up with your rental car stuck in a muddy ditch on some one-lane mountain road with the nearest help hours way.  Simply include carfare in you’re your travel budget, and keep some extra cash hidden in your sock or other safe place for a cab should an emergency arise.

If you’re tempted to spend money on the Canopy or Sky Bridge Tours of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, stop and think.  It’s called a cloud forest for a reason, and if the clouds are present during your visit, the chances are that you won’t see much in the way of forest wildlife.  Even if you arrive at the Cloud Forest on a clear day, you shouldn’t attempt the tours unless you have a streak of daredevil.

The Sky Bridge will have you walking on a bridge high enough to clear the forest canopy, and the Canopy Tours will have you riding a ski-lift type of car attached to the forest trees. While both may provide tremendous views on the wildlife, neither is meant for people who suffer from vertigo. 

One rather disturbing facet of traveling to the remote areas of Costa Rica is that the public restrooms lack not only toilet paper, but toilet seats!  If you know you have an adventure in the Cost Rican wilds scheduled, make use of the restroom at your hotel or restaurant before you start, and bring along your own toilet paper to be on the safe side.

Remember to book your Costa Rica vacation at